SIC Code 5131

Piece Goods, Notions, and Other Dry Good

Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of piece goods or yard goods of natural or manmade fibers, notions (sewing and hair accessories, etc.), and other dry goods. Converters who buy fabric goods (except knit goods) in the grey, have them finished on contract, and sell at wholesale are included here. Converters of knit goods are classified in Manufacturing, Industry Group 225. This industry does not include establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of home furnishings which are classified in Industry 5023.

  • Belt and buckle assembly kits-wholesale
  • Binding, textile-wholesale
  • Broadwoven fabrics-wholesale
  • Buttons-wholesale
  • Cheesecloth-wholesale
  • Circular knit fabrics-wholesale
  • Coated fabrics-wholesale
  • Cotton piece goods-wholesale
  • Drapery material-wholesale
  • Fiberglass fabrics-wholesale
  • Hair accessories-wholesale
  • Hat and cap material-wholesale
  • Jute piece goods-wholesale
  • Knit fabrics-wholesale
  • Lace fabrics-wholesale
  • Linen piece goods-wholesale
  • Millinery supplies-wholesale
  • Narrow fabrics-wholesale
  • Net goods-wholesale
  • Notions-wholesale
  • Nylon piece goods-wholesale
  • Piece goods-wholesale
  • Rayon piece goods-wholesale
  • Ribbon, textile-wholesale
  • Sewing accessories-wholesale
  • Sewing thread, except industrial-wholesale
  • Shoulder pads-wholesale
  • Silk piece goods-wholesale
  • Tape, textile-wholesale
  • Textile converters except knit goods-wholesale
  • Textiles-wholesale
  • Thread, except industrial-wholesale
  • Trimmings, apparel-wholesale
  • Warp knit fabrics-wholesale
  • Weft knit fabrics-wholesale
  • Woolen and worsted piece goods-wholesale
  • Yard goods-wholesale
  • Zippers-wholesale

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