SIC Code 3511

Steam, Gas, and Hydraulic Turbines, and Turbine Generator Set Units

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing steam turbines; hydraulic turbines; gas turbines, except aircraft; and complete steam, gas, and hydraulic turbine generator set units. Also included in this industry are the manufacture of wind and solar powered turbine generators and windmills for generating electric power. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing nonautomotive type generators are classified in Industry 3621; those manufacturing aircraft turbines are classified in Industry 3724; and those manufacturing windmill heads and towers for pumping water for agricultural use are classified in Industry 3523.

  • Gas turbines, mechanical drive
  • Governors, steam
  • Hydraulic turbines
  • Solar powered turbine-generator sets
  • Steam engines, except locomotives
  • Steam turbines
  • Tank turbines
  • Turbine generator set units, complete steam, gas, and hydraulic
  • Turbines steam, hydraulic, and gas-except aircraft type
  • Turbo-generators
  • Water turbines
  • Wind powered turbine-generator sets
  • Windmills for generating power

Companies assigned to SIC code 3511:

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