SIC Code 3259

Structural Clay Products, Not Elsewhere Classified

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing clay sewer pipe and structural clay products, not elsewhere classified.

  • Adobe brick
  • Architectural terra cotta
  • Blocks, segment: clay
  • Chimney pipe and tops, clay
  • Conduit, vitrified clay
  • Coping, wall: clay
  • Drain tile, clay
  • Liner brick and plates, for lining sewers, tanks, etc.: vitrified clay
  • Lining, stove and flue: clay
  • Roofing tile, clay
  • Sewer pipe and fittings, clay
  • Thimbles, chimney: clay
  • Tile, filter underdrain: clay
  • Tile, sewer: clay

Companies assigned to SIC code 3259:

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