SIC Code 3131

Boot and Shoe Cut Stock and Findings

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing leather soles, inner soles, and other boot and shoe cut stock and findings. This industry also includes finished wood heels. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing heels, soling strips, and soles made of rubber, composition, plastics, and fiber are classified in Major Group 30.

  • Bows, shoe
  • Box toes, leather (shoe cut stock)
  • Buckles, shoe
  • Caps, heel and toe: leather or metal
  • Clasps, shoe
  • Counters (shoe cut stock)
  • Cut stock for boots and shoes
  • Findings, boot and shoe
  • Heel caps, leather or metal
  • Heel lifts leather
  • Heels, boot and shoe: finished wood or leather
  • Inner soles, leather
  • Laces, boot and shoe: leather
  • Leather welting
  • Linings, boot and shoe: leather
  • Ornaments, shoe
  • Pegs, shoe
  • Quarters (shoe cut stock)
  • Rands (shoe cut stock)
  • Shanks, shoe
  • Shoe cut stock
  • Shoe soles: except rubber, composition, plastics, and fiber
  • Soles, boot and shoe: except rubber composition, plastics, and fiber
  • Stays, shoe
  • Taps, shoe regardless of material
  • Tips, shoe regardless of material
  • Toe caps, leather or metal
  • Tongues, boot and shoe: leather
  • Top lifts, boot and shoe
  • Trimmings, shoe leather
  • Uppers (shoe cut stock)
  • Vamps, leather
  • Wood heel blocks, for sale as such
  • Wood heels, finished (shoe findings)

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