SIC Code 2672

Coated and Laminated Paper, Not Elsewhere Classified

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing coated, laminated, or processed paper and film from purchased paper, except for packaging. Also included are establishments primarily manufacturing gummed paper products and pressure sensitive tape with backing of any material other than rubber, for any application. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing coated and laminated paper for packaging are classified in Industry 2671; those manufacturing carbon paper are classified in Industry 3955; and those manufacturing photographic and blueprint paper are classified in Industry 3861.

  • Book paper, coated-mfpm
  • Cellophane adhesive tape-mfpm
  • Cloth-lined paper-mfpm
  • Condenser paper-mfpm
  • Enameled paper-mfpm
  • Fancy paper, coated and glazed: except for packaging-mfpm
  • Flypaper-mfpm
  • Gummed paper-mfpm
  • Gummed tape, cloth and paper base-mfpm
  • Litmus paper-mfpm
  • Masking tape-mfpm
  • Metallic covered paper, except for packaging-mfpm
  • Oiled paper-mfpm
  • Paper, coated and laminated: except for packaging-mfpm
  • Pressure sensitive paper and tape except rubber backed-mfpm
  • Printing paper, coated-mfpm
  • Resinous impregnated paper, except for packaging-mfpm
  • Tape, pressure sensitive: except rubber backed-mfpm
  • Tar paper: except building or roofing and packaging-mfpm
  • Thermoplastics coated paper, except for packaging-mfpm
  • Transfer paper, gold and silver-mfpm
  • Waxed paper, except for packaging-mfpm

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