SIC Code 2394

Canvas and Related Products

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing awnings, tents, and related products from purchased fabrics. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing canvas bags are classified in Industry 2393.

  • Air cushions, canvas
  • Awnings, fabric-mfpm
  • Canopies, fabric-mfpm
  • Canvas products, except bags and knapsacks-mfpm
  • Cloths, drop: fabric-mfpm
  • Covers, fabric-mfpm
  • Curtains: dock and welding-mfpm
  • Liners and covers, fabric: pond, pit, and landfill-mfpm
  • Pneumatic mattresses-mfpm
  • Sails-mfpm
  • Shades, canvas
  • Swimming pool covers and blankets, fabric-mfpm
  • Tarpaulins, fabric-mfpm
  • Tents-mfpm

Companies assigned to SIC code 2394:

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