SIC Code 2241

Narrow Fabric and Other Smallwares Mills Cotton, Wool, Silk, and Manmade Fiber

Establishments primarily engaged in weaving or braiding narrow fabrics of cotton, wool, silks and manmade fibers, including glass fibers. These fabrics are generally 12 inches or less in width in their final form but may be made initially in wider widths that are specially constructed for cutting to narrower widths. Also included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in producing fabric-covered elastic yarn or thread.

  • Apparel webbing
  • Banding, spindle
  • Beltings, woven or braided
  • Bindings, textile-mitse
  • Braids, textile
  • Braids, tubular nylon and plastics
  • Cords, fabric
  • Elastic narrow fabrics, woven or braided
  • Elastic webbing
  • Electric insulating tapes and braids, except plastic
  • Fabrics, animal fiber: narrow woven
  • Fringes, weaving
  • Gimps-mitse
  • Glass narrow fabrics
  • Glove lining fabrics
  • Hat band fabrics
  • Hose fabrics, tubular
  • Insulating tapes and braids, electric, except plastics
  • Labels, woven
  • Lace, auto wind
  • Laces, corset and shoe: textile
  • Lacings-mitse
  • Narrow woven fabrics: cotton, rayon wool, silk, glass, and man-made
  • Ribbons-mitse
  • Rickrack braid
  • Rubber thread and yarns, fabric covered
  • Shoe laces, except leather
  • Slide fastener tapes
  • Strapping webs
  • Tapes, fabric
  • Textile mills, narrow woven fabric: cotton, wool, silk, and man-made
  • Thread, elastic: fabric covered
  • Tie tapes, woven or braided
  • Trimmings, textile-mitse
  • Venetian blind tapes
  • Weaving mills, narrow fabric: cotton, wool, silk, and manmade fibers
  • Webbing, woven: except jute
  • Wicking
  • Yarn, elastic: fabric covered
  • Zipper tape

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