SIC Code 1459

Clay, Ceramic, and Refractory Minerals, Not Elsewhere Classified

Establishments primarily engaged in mining, milling, or otherwise preparing clay, ceramic, or refractory minerals, not elsewhere classified. Establishments producing clay in conjunction with the manufacture of refractory or structural clay and pottery products are classified in Manufacturing, Major Group 32.

  • Andalusite mining
  • Aplite mining
  • Bentonite mining
  • Brucite mining
  • Burley mining
  • Clays (common) quarrying-not in conjunction with manufacturing
  • Cornwall stone mining
  • Cyanite mining
  • Diaspore mining
  • Dumortierite mining
  • Feldspar mining
  • Fire clay mining
  • Flint clay mining
  • Fuller's earth mining
  • Kyanite mining
  • Magnesite mining
  • Nepheline syenite quarrying
  • Olivine (nongem) mining
  • Pegmatite (feldspar) mining
  • Pinite mining
  • Plastic fire clay mining
  • Shale (common) quarrying-not in conjunction with manufacturing
  • Sillimanite mining
  • Stoneware clay mining
  • Syenite, nepheline-quarrying
  • Topaz (nongem) mining

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