SIC Code 0161

Vegetables and Melons

Establishments primarily engaged in the production of vegetables and melons in the open. Establishments primarily engaged in growing vegetables under glass or other protection are classified in Industry 0182; those producing dry field and seed beans and peas are classified in Industry 0119; those producing Irish potatoes are classified in Industry 0134, and those producing sweet potatoes and yams are classified in Industry 0139.

  • Asparagus farms
  • Bean farms, except dry beans
  • Beet farms, except sugar beet
  • Bok choy farms
  • Broccoli farms
  • Cabbage farms
  • Cantaloupe farms
  • Cauliflower farms
  • Celery farms
  • Corn farms, sweet
  • Cucumber farms
  • English pea farms
  • Green lima bean farms
  • Green pea farms
  • Lettuce farms
  • Market gardens
  • Melon farms
  • Onion farms
  • Pea farms, except dry peas
  • Pepper farms, sweet and hot (vegetables)
  • Romaine farms
  • Snap bean farms (bush and pole)
  • Squash farms
  • Tomato farms
  • Truck farms
  • Vegetable farms
  • Watermelon farms

Companies assigned to SIC code 0161:

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