Use the power of AI to turn mundane SEC filings into actionable insights.

Easy to use, future proof API with insightful data at your fingertips.


Built for developers

Built to make your life easier under the OpenAPI specification.

Deep information extraction

Use pre-built AI models to obtain filings of your interest and get insightful information.

Documentation for everything

Fully documented with examples.

Filing insight platform

Uses best of breed NLP and AI algorithms.

AI-driven filtering to find current and past filings that exactly match your criteria.

Discover unexpected trends by visualizing hundreds of thousands of search results.

Analyze sentiment, risk factors and trends on companies.


Super easy API

Access data and search for filings from over 10,000 companies.

Utilize AI-driven text analysis to extract signals from the filings data.

Filter the content by keywords, entities, cik, tickers, locations, and sentiment.

Read Documentation


Companies, more than 10 years of data.


Filings analysed


Daily API calls